Opensky Communication

We Take Care Of Communicative Events

We undertake communicative events anywhere under opensky.


Ideation is embodiment of imagination. It is much like giving shapes to floating ideas. The process first conceives and then gives birth to what is desired. Ideation sets the ball rolling. We thrive on it. In commercial world, it begins with market study which helps to chalk out appropriate planning. After identifying the target group, their sensitization towards a product is carefully done through product aquaintance programme.


Designing is manifestation of ideas. It unfolds an idea in tangible form to the eyes and minds of people. We passionately create and meticulously craft designs. People feast their eyes on them. Every design is made to carve out a niche in the mind of a person who once glimpses it. Design is like a signature associated with a brand.

Retail Branding

Retail branding is promotion of the identity of a particular make of goods. It intends to sell the characteristic feature or quality of a product. It is an inducement that people gradually get mentally associated with. We are also game for retail branding. We have started some retail branding work with ‘Jio’.


It is a process of putting an idea into action. Organizing activation programmes go a long way to inflict a sense of belonging to a product on promotion. We undertake various BTL activation progammes like Canter Road Show, Mundy Activity, Sandwich Man Activity, Mystery Shop Visit, Merchandising, School/College Activity, Street Act, Malls Activity, RWA Activity, PUB Activity etc.


Exhibition is a public display which aims to fascinate people. It entices people to develop an affinity towards a product. Innovation makes an exhibition unique. A successful exhibition always stands out amongst many in the fray.
We have successfully got ourselves empanelled with leading corporate houses like Reliance, Dollar Industries, LG, Airtel etc.


We manage Corporate Dealer Event, In House Get together, Award Ceremony, Opening Launch, Gala Night Event, DJ Night Event, Live Concert, Offsite Event etc.