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About Blue Dreamz Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Infrastructure is the foundation of future. Civilization moves on it. In all major areas of infrastructure development, we contribute significantly. We provide all in one solution from the beginning to the end. They include pipeline layout, road construction, building construction and beautification. Underground pipelines, called ‘lifelines’, are like arteries of a city. We not only build but also take into consideration for capacity expansion by optimizing layout and updating database. Making of roads is challenge in India with varied climates. We have a battery of experienced engineers who use modern equipments and compact mechanism for the purpose, be it in corporations, municipalities or panchayats. Our buildings are architectural delight. They are turn-key projects for us. We not only construct them with our adept workers but also make them affordable. Beautification of trifle to important things around is like fine tuning to make an ambience magnificent. Blue Dreamz Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., through a single window, provides all-in-one solution to all these beings.

Pipeline Layout

Underground pipeline is an important component of urban infrastructure, which is called “lifeline” of the city. With fast expansion of cities, material flow and energy flow are increasing significantly.

The intensity and density of urban underground pipelines are also dramatically increasing, Through extensive study and research our expert team had acquired the knowledge of laying out pipeline dynamically and effectively keeping in view of the variety of different cities and towns.

With the constant changing and convoluted data of underground pipe hubs and pipeline, we can upgrade and oversee pipe hubs and pipeline database correspondingly and successfully. For layout optimization solution of pipeline layout, Blue Dreamz Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd is the one stop solution.

Road Construction

Every road leads to a different destination. We are destined to make the road, constructed by us, reach the desired destination of our esteemed clients such as Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, Panchayats and so on.
Since our base is built with the expertise of experienced and seasoned engineers we emphasise on construction of base layers which is the foundation of upper pavement structures.

Asphalt paving, asphalt compaction, Inset concrete paving and offset concrete paving are the roles we undertake with the help of modern paving and compacting mechanisms & equipments for road and pavement construction which can withstand the onslaughts of all weather and seasons. Every roads leads to one destination “Blue Dreamz Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Building Construction

Construction comes from the Latin “Construere”. If we explore more to know –the origin
Of the Latin word it comes from Con -“together” and struere “to pile up”. We can know the construction is what about by dissecting the word of origin but our job is not to dissect but to pile up together.

Architecture is the prime important job for us while construction of a building is taken up. While the architect dissects the building plan our follow-up team comprising of civil engineers, financial advisors, procurement executives, work managers , site supervisors, dedicated and experienced masons, plumbers, electricians , safety managers , pile up things together to give a shape to dream nest of our esteemed client and purchasers. Our legitimate and showcasing group is ever prepared to make the sweet home of yours an easy and “good value for money”. We build for government and local body constructions likewise to serve the society with minimum financial interest.


Beautification is the process of making visual enhancements to a person, place or thing. With respect to a town or city this frequently includes planting trees, shrubbery and other greenery. It likewise incorporates decorative or historic style street lights and other lighting and restoration of damaged pavements. We have enough involvement in municipality work, thus adding another feather to our cap.