Blue Dreamz Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Blue Dreamz Advertising Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prime houses in outdoor advertising. Advertising is all about an inducement to develop a sense of belonging to what we see and listen.

It is intended to inflict a lasting impression, which transcends into an affinity, in the minds of people. Advertisement requires to be far from being mechanical.

Ours is an organization which provides professional advertising solutions with impeccable precision at affordable means.

It is to be ensured that the fundamental elements in the content of an advertisement remains equally lucid and catchy cutting across different languages and cultures concerned.

Opensky Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Opensky Communication Pvt. Ltd. is an epitome of communication services. Communication is bones to an enterprise. Our specialized skill for communication services includes all functional areas in business and affairs.

Since localized presentation is pivotal to communication services, we emphasize on discerning the demands of our clients with our professional acumen and varied experience. We sensitize our professional communication services towards creative adaptation of cultural values and traditions. We are agog in doing so with impeccable precision at affordable means.

Each piece of our communication service is unique in the sense that the field of its application is specific to its requirement. It requires value based understanding of perspective, specific to mind-set of the target viewers. Opensky Communication Pvt. Ltd. takes care that each has the desired essence embodied in all our endeavours.

Blue Dreamz Foods N Flips

To make our presence felt in the FMCG sector, we aimed to secure our position by introducing some mouth smacking irresistible fruit Juices, Syrups, Soda, packaged drinking water etc. Our intent is “ Catch them young”. We are confident that the vibrant colours and delicious tastes of each of our products will surely excel amongst the similar products of others in this field.

Blue Dreamz Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

After being reckoned as one of the pioneers in Outdoor Advertising industry, we take the opportunity to introduce ourselves in the market of “Beverages”. We have a bottling plant located at Narendrapur, Kolkata and we take pride in serving our customers with various liquor brands.

Our equipments and machineries can be compared with best in the world.

We monitor relentlessly the quality of the end products by scrupulously vigilating the procurement and preparation of various liquor brands.

Blue Dreamz Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Infrastructure is the foundation of future. Civilization moves on it. In all major areas of infrastructure development, we contribute significantly.
We provide all in one solution from the beginning to the end. They include pipeline layout, road construction, building construction and beautification. Underground pipelines, called ‘lifelines’, are like arteries of a city.
We not only build but also take into consideration for capacity expansion by optimizing layout and updating database.
Making of roads is challenge in India with varied climates. We have a battery of experienced engineers who use modern equipments and compact mechanism for the purpose, be it in corporations, municipalities or panchayats. Our buildings are architectural delight. They are turn-key projects for us.

We not only construct them with our adept workers but also make them affordable. Beautification of trifle to important things around is like fine tuning to make an ambience magnificent.

Blue Dreamz Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., through a single window, provides all-in-one solution to all these beings.

Blue Dreamz Print Media Pvt. Ltd.

In house designing and printing company of Team Blue which caters its services to both Blue Dreamz Advertising Pvt. Ltd. as well as Opensky Communications Pvt. Ltd. and also works as vendor of other such houses.
Creativity and precision are our forte.

How we started

A conglomerated zealous, enthusiastic, young and energetic individual having Post Graduate degree in business management with dream in abundance in his eyes had put his footstep in the highly competitive hoarding business with a meagre sum of Rs.1800/-, a ladder and two most trusted aides, in the year of 2006, by trading a single billboard from a big house in outdoor advertisement.

Within couple of years Blue Dreamz had established itself as a name to reckon with and by the year 2010, it blossomed into a fully bloomed flower in OOH advertisement world in West Bengal, Telengana, Odisha and so on.

Where we stand

From the humblest beginnings, the company now spread its wings by diversifying into other sectors as well. The visionary outlook of the young entrepreneur thus expanded by leaps and have created its own niche in the market.


" To serve the community as a whole by paving the way for Gen 'Y' through creation of multiple job opportunities by exploring innumerous ways to build the nation and making it comparable to most advanced countries in the earth." Also to uplift the livelihood of downtrodden and underpriviledged by providing them food, education and shelter. Team Blue is committed to enhance and diversify its activities to generate provisions to achieve the mission, above all.


  • Towards the Pinnacle
  • Reach the Summit
  • Never to Faulter
  • Openness of sky
  • Make our Environment Smart